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Communication and partnership is bilateral. Within the frames of partnership with “Tigran Mets”, we try to show individual approach to every customer. Customer’s concern is a prior for us. We try to enlarge the number of our customers by investing the latest technology, making products competitive and saving customer’s time.


Offset printing presses ranging from single to full color capabilities with a maximum plate size 1030×770 mm, and minimum plate size 525×459 mm.


Flexo printing press with eight colors printing possibilities. Maximum plate

size is 820×600 mm, and minimum plate size is 260×300 mm.



  • scanning pictures
  • color correction and retouch of pictures
  • placement of pictures and photos, page layout making


Work With Customers:

  • checking files
  • making corrections if possible
  • supporting customers to prepare correct files for the offset printing

Work with printable files:

  • page layout making
  • imposition (arrangement) of pages of the printable material in the correct format
  • print separation with CTP technology
  • cliché making with CNC technology
  • making films for spot varnishing


  • flexo printing
  • placement of offset plates on printing units
  • correction of color zones and registration marks
  • printing


  • folding
  • creasing
  • perforation
  • cutting
  • list assembling
  • fastening
  • hot-melt gluing
  • sewing
  • spiral binding
  • stamping
  • embossing
  • stamping-out
  • glossy and matt lamination
  • paper surface texturing


  • monochrome offset printing
  • full color Offset printing
  • full color Flexo printing
  • monochrome and full color newspaper printing
  • large format digital printing
  • serigraphy
  • offset varnishing
  • water – dispersion varnishing
  • UV spot and full varnishing
  • glossy and mat lamination
  • stamping
  • embossing
  • clip – fastening
  • wire binding
  • sewing by fibers
  • hot melt gluing
  • cutting
  • enumeration
  • printing plates making
  • color separation
  • cliché making with CNC technology
  • spot emboss varnishing
  • paper surface texturing


Our specialist will analyze your order and will get back to you.



Flexographic printing uses flexible photopolymer printing plates wrapped around rotating cylinders. Unlike the individual sheets of paper used in offset printing, the rolls of material  used in flexography allow large orders to run with few interruptions to reload substrate. Flexography is the most versatile, flexible and faster growing printing technology in the industry. The printing process, whose roots go back more than a century, allows us to print on a large variety of substrates including plastic, cellophane, metallic film, and etc. Flexography is the ideal solution for printing attractive packaging and labels for food and beverages, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.


  • Exremely high press speed
  • Prints on a wide variety of substrate materials
  • 8 printing stations allow 8 color printing. It is also possible to varnish printing films
  • Photopolymer plates withstand millions of impressions
  • Fully digital pre-press and platemaking hve allowed for tighter control and repeatability on press
  • The quality of the printing can be controlled during the printing process, and any deficiencies can be noted in a special screen.
  • Our machines allow us to save printing settings in the memory of the printing machine, which makes possible to have stable printing quality relevant to already approved version by our customers.
  • Relatively low cost of most consumables

Key Features

Printing decks 8

Printing width 820mm

Print length 260-600mm

Speed 300m/min

Roll diameter 1000mm

Sleeve technologies

Detailed Parameters

Max. Web width 850mm

Min. Web width 300mm

Min. Printing length 260mm

Tension range 40-400N

Core diameter 76.2/152.4mm

Roll weight 1000kg

Solvent – based ink


LD PE 0.020-0.160mm

HD PE/PP 0.010-0.150mm

CPP 0.020-0.070mm

BOPP, PET 0.010-0.060mm

Paper 25-180gsm


Publishing house “Tigran Mets” provides the high quality of offset printing thanks to the use of contemporary technology, machines and gauging devices, as well as expendable materials from the famous European firms. The quality of printing is controlled with the help of optoelectronic densitometer, a device that measures the degree of darkness (the optical density) of photographic or semitransparent material or reflecting surface. Offset printing is commonly used printing technique where the inked image is transferred from a plate to rubber blanket, then to the printing surface. The offset technique employs a flat image carrier on which the image to be printed obtains ink from ink rollers, while the non‐printable area attracts a water-based film (fountain solution), keeping the non‐printable area ink‐free.


  • Incredible accuracy and remarkable quality
  • Superior color accuracy using the Pantone Matching System and Pantone inks
  • Cost effective for large projects.

Key features

5 printing decks +UV varnishing

Printing type is Sheet feed

Printing machine has possibility to correct colors density and registration marks automatically

The printing is made on absorbent and not absorbent materials

Offset machines work with dampening system

Technology is offset: from a plate to rubber blanket than to the printable surface


Maximum printable area is 700×1020 mm

Top speed is 15000 sheet per hour

Stock thickness 0.03-0.8mm


Aluminum plates: thickness 0.15mm and 0.3mm

Inks: offset, foil and UV.

Coated and offset papers

Metal papers

Plastic sheets


Get to know the technologies we have. These machines produce the best quality product and provide astonishing timing. Our employees are top

qualified professionals specifically trained for the job. Professional labor combined with the top technologies and machines

will make your product ideal. “Tigran Mets” is specifically famous for the quality production.

Whether via mail or a phone call fill free to contact us, if you have any question. We are ready to co-operate with any customer.