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Our History

Since 1968

Publishing house “Tigran Mets” is a Closed Joint Stock Company established in 1968 as a publishing house of CC CPSU of Armenia. In 1979 publishing house moved to the current building which was constructed for the certain purpose. It occupies 21765 sq/m. space. In 1991 publishing house was nationalized and became a periodical publication attached to the Government. In 1997 it was privatized and renamed as publishing house “Tigran Mets”. Today “Tigran Mets” is a huge polygraph company with its printing and publishing capacity.

The Evolution Gradient


Today “Tigran Mets” is a powerful polygraph production industry empowered by its state of the art machines, evolutionarily developed technologies and highly qualified specialists. We never stop investing in our industry and hence in the quality of the product we deliver to our customers.


1968 – 2017

We have passed a long way since 1968 in the publishing industry.

We are proud to introduce you our evolution.


Our specialist will analyze your order and will get back to you.


Our Clients

Our customers demand the best quality, we provide it.

Here are some of our satisfied customers.


Many years of cooperation bind the Mkhitarian printing legacy with the Tigran Mets

publishing house, starting from the very first years of independence when equipment from the

Mkhitarian printing press on San Lazzaro arrived in Yerevan.

This establishment has always provided practical, affordable, and complete services in all

aspects of print and publishing.

Ready to support and perfectly fulfill any request, the principle of maintaining customer

satisfaction is always followed from the director’s office all the way to the packaging


Working with the experienced specialists and professional consultants at Tigran Mets is very

pleasant, especially with their sincere, always smiling interactions.

Equipped with highly specialized and modern facilities, all publishing activities find their

most perfectly accurate and aesthetically complete forms here.

A publishing house that rightfully bears the Tigran Mets name – with the desire to

relentlessly move from success to newer success, approaching the limits of perfection day by

day – this establishment has a competitive footing on the world market.

P. Serafino Jamourlian, Mekhitarian Unity

Publishing House “Tigran Mets” is the best and long-lasted partner of the “The

Armenian Genocide Institute-Museum”. In the result of this partnership, there

were published many high-quality periodicals and books.

For “The Armenian Genocide Institute-Museum” and for me as an author “Tigran

Mets” became an etalon of a reliable partner and time accuracy.

I would like to remember that during many years of cooperation the general

manager of this company Vrezh Markosyan shows his support and provide high

quality product for “The Armenian Genocide Institute-Museum” and my authors’


Hayk Demoyan, Director of “The Armenian Genocide Institute-Museum”

The publishing house “Tigran Mets” is one of the best printing-publishing

companies in Armenia. “Tigran Mets” has not only good traditions of printing, and

many years of experience, but also it has a modern technique and technological


During last 25 years, the great majority of “Armenian Encyclopedia” publications’

books have been printed in this printing house.

It worth to mention that we always feel the attentive approach toward our books

as a serious scientific-cultural publication. Also, it is very important the

supportive and open minded attitude of director of “Tigran Mets” Vrezh

Markosyan and the whole staff, which is the warranty of our stable partnership.

Hovhannes Ayvazyan, General Editor-Director of “Armenian Encyclopedia” Publication

For many years the “Mother see of Holly Echmiadzin” has been closely

cooperating with the publishing house “Tigran Mets”.

In result of warm and faithful relationships between “Tigran Mets“ publishing

house and “Mother see of Holly Echmiadzin”, there have been printed several

different flyers, posters, bags, books and valuable albums (“The treasures of

Echmiadzin”, “Armenian Ancient Album”, ”The Pontiff” and others ).

These books are very significant not only with their contents but also with

their high quality that provides “Tigran Mets” publishing house thanks to its

technical possibilities and professional specialists.

Thereby, it is very appreciable the special attentiveness and carefulness of the

management and the whole staff, that is the expression of their

Let generous Good lavishly bless “Tigran Mets” publishing house.

Asoghik Karapetian, Director of Museums and Archives of Mother See of Holly Echmiadzin

I have been cooperating with the publishing house “Tigran Mets” since 1997. During all these years the publishing house proved its courageous character towards innovations, high level of professionalism in all stages of publishing and printing activities.
Due to the implementation of modern high technologies and staff experience, as well as their attentive and gentle attitude towards the customers ascertains the publishing house “Tigran Mets” as an Armenian leader in the printing field. It’s completed works are of high quality and are able to meet competition pursuant to international standards.

Samvel Partmanyan, Designer

First of all, it is worth mentioning the individual taste, perfect design and especially the right approach to color harmony. The above-mentioned features emphasize the international level of the publishing house “Tigran Mets”.
I wish the publishing house new achievements and great success.

Shahen Khachatryan, Art Critic