Vrezh Varantsov Markosyan – Founder

We owe our achievements to the teamwork of our specialists and experienced leaders, in the result of which the united spirit of the company and the continuous strive for excellence has been formed. Each member of our team has his/her individual investment in the overall work and carries a responsibility for the final result. The team of the "Tigran Mets" publishing house consists of purposeful, experienced, highly qualified specialists who, having received their education in the leading foreign and Armenian higher educational institutions, use their knowledge and experience to fulfill the main mission of the company. We are guided by the principles of business ethics, which is a mandatory condition for employees when interacting with partners and customers. Every work related to printing is considered to be strictly confidential, that is why complete confidentiality of information and reliability of work is one of our main principles. Any successful company project is the achievement of each team member.

Our staff