“TIGRAN METS” publishing house

“Tigran Mets” publishing is famous for its warm relationship with its clients, which is based on the following principle: what concerns our clients applies to us as well. Clients prefer to contact us, taking into account and appreciating the high quality of the provided services and the international competitiveness around the world.
Since the first day of the company foundation, we have been striving to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

The largest and oldest printing house in Armenia "Tigran Mets" publishes over 90% of the republic's newspapers.
During this time, we have managed to gain the trust and satisfaction of our partners. The publishing house cooperates with the UN Office, the Red Cross and other international organizations.
Today the publishing house "Tigran Mets" is a large printing industry: with its equipment, constantly evolving technology and qualified specialists. We never stop investing, therefor we get the quality that we provide to our clients.

In connection with the further development and modernization of the company, the company's management constantly provides additional financial resources to improve new technologies, equipment as well as the work of the specialists, also it conducts a thorough study and analysis of the market.
Enough about us, let's talk about you. If you are looking for a unique and high quality printing for your business, or you just want to decorate your apartment with fashionable interior printing, visit or call us and you will surely find what you were looking for.